Free webinar on Foundation of Repertory & Repertorisation Online webinar of 2 hr study No time limit for completing your course. Evaluation test. SignUp at https://onlinehomeopathycourse.com/Course/Essentials-of-Repertory-Repertorisation Certificate of attendance About Webinar Date: 16th FEB 2019 Time: 7 Am to Am (IST) “I know what I’m doing but it isn’t working out,” you say when a patient complains about not getting better. You were confident in your ability of analysing the case,

wisdom 2019

Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association (IHMA) Kerala chapter is planning to conduct its 15th State Conference and National Seminar ” WISDOM 2019 “On 7th April 2019 Venue: The Quilon Beach Hotel, Kollam-Kerala Topic: Old School Classical Homoeopathy and it’s practical implementation in the drug-dependent modern world Faculty: Dr Saptarshi Banarjea MD(Hom) (Asst. Director-Bengal Allen Medical Institute) High Lights of the event: 1.Traditional Organopathic Medicine for Drug dependent cases of Asthma Pain Management

Pets: Dogs are still my favorite

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