MOH TCAM Good Standing Certificate


                                                           MOH TCAM candidates has to upload a recent good standing certificate for applying the examinations. It has to be obtained from medical council where candidate has currently registered. Usually MOH accepts recent good standing certificate (preferably within 3-6 months; better within 3 months). So, it’s better to obtain good standing certificate just before the application procedure. One has to apply to the concerned medical council in prescribed format and with application fee to obtain the same. Usually it takes 1-2 week, but on request it will be mailed in urgent cases. Only Scanned copy of certificate is needed for applying unless original is asked for.

                                       A new good standing certificate has to be procured after getting the evaluation certificate while trying to attach to a clinic or facility.

Application forms for few medical councils are given below:

Kerala: Travancore Cochin Medical Council.

Note:Please share the link of other medical councils in the comment box.

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