MOH certified BLS, CPR, ACLS course


All MOH,HAAD,DHA aspirants should undergo BLS/CPR/ACLS course before online application.since united arab emirates (UAE) is much cautious about the health of their citizen,departments like ministry of health (MOH), dubai health authority (DHA) ,health authority – abu DHAbi (HAAD) follows strict rules and regulations in health and medical field.all health professionals in UAE must undergo basic life support courses.
Basic life support (BLS) certification is a one day training course that should be done by most clinical health professionals to help revive, resuscitate, or sustain a person who undergoes sudden cardiac arrest or respiratory failure.BLS includes basic rescue techniques for infants, children, and adults. The course teaches one the use of bag-masks, rescue breathing, and choking relief, use of an automated external defibrillator (AED),which is used in many emergency situations, such as sudden collapse,choking, drowning and hypothermia cases. The key points in BLS is the “cab”s: circulation, airway, and breathing. The “chain of survival” is designed by american heart association (AHA) to illustrate this by emphasizing the importance of early recognition, CPR assistance,use of AED, early advanced life support ,and post resuscitation care.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)/ aed / first-aid certification training course teaches how to perform CPR correctly on infants, children, and adults as well as how to use an automated external defibrillator (aed).now a days it’s a part of BLS certification course
Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) is a three daycourse or a certification, where it teaches a set of clinical algorithms used for the treatment of life threatening cardiovascular conditions that were originally published in 1974 by the american heart association.ACLS is an expanded version of BLS with more advanced methods for emergency care.ACLS providers are trained in using some algorithms that are organized into several steps of instructions to evaluate and act in emergency cases. BLS focus both adult and child/infant content, while ACLS is more focused on adult treatment. ACLS guidelines actually focus on BLS as its base, and emphasize the importance of high quality chest compressions and defibrillation .
Guide to MOH TCAM candidates regarding BLS/CPR/ACLS

  1. MOH TCAM candidates needs only one day BLS course for applying the exam. ACLS is needed only for nursing professionals.
  2. MOH will approve BLS done from any sub centers of following (anywhere in the world) American heart association(AHA) ( St.john ambulance Red crescent society Red cross society
  3. BLS can also be done from
    MOH (contact 04-2301437)
    DHA-rashid hospital-ambulance section
    Dubai police
    Sharjah university
  4. A scanned copy of the BLS certificate (less than 700 kb) should be uploaded in the qualification area of online application.
  5. No attestation is required for BLS certificate
  6. BLS certificate has a validity oftwo years. Candidate must verify the validity before submitting online application.
  7. Approximate amount for BLS fromamerican heart association in india is around rs 4000

Hope all your doubts regarding BLS/CPR/ACLS courses for MOH UAE TCAM end here…
Have a look at
MOH approved BLS/CPR/ACLS centers in india

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