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    About Webinar

    Date: 16th FEB 2019

    Time: 7 Am to Am (IST)

    “I know what I’m doing but it isn’t working out,” you say when a patient complains about not getting better.

    You were confident in your ability of analysing the case, repertorising and cross-referring with materia medica. But still the remedy doesn’t work. Why?

    There may be many glitches in your approach: error in translating patient’s symptoms in correct rubrics or using an inappropriate repertory altogether. Get over with the errors and learn how to use a repertory and correct method of repertorisation.

    Join us for a live Free webinar featuring Robin Pollock, a classical homeopath from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) in Toronto, Ontario, as she shares the evolution of repertories, PQRS of different repertories along with valuable insights on repertorisation to refine the approach in every case.

    Learning objectives

    • Review the history and development of Repertory
    • Construction & Structure of repertory
    • To learn the accuracy of using repertory in clinical practice
    • Incorporate the logic of a repertory for repertorisation

About Speaker

Robin Pollock HOM,DCHM(Hons)RSHom (NA) CANADA
Robin Pollock is originally trained in and worked as a clinical psychologist. Honours graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine


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